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Review: Märklin 47035, Rils Goods Wagon Set

The prototype

The prototype is a goods wagon of class R, which means "ordinary flat wagon with bogies". The classification of the wagons in this set is Rils. Which roughly translates into "Ordinary flat wagon with bogies, fixed front wall, moveable cover, no stakes and permitted in trains up to 100 km/h".

The wagon is used to transport large pieces of weather-sensitive goods. The sliding cover makes it easy to quickly load and unload the wagon.

The model

The set contains three wagons with different liveries from the French State Railways, SNCF. FRET is the company's freight division. The wagons have a robust feeling to them, and they weigh in at 150 grams each (5.3 ounces). The design is similar to other Märklin wagons of the same type. The printing is fantastic, the letters are crisp and clear and the detailing is exquisite.

The couplers are the standard Märklin short couplers, and the wagon has short coupler kinematics. I will, of course, change the couplers to my favorite coupler, the Roco universal coupler, as soon as possible. My Märklin dealer changed the wheel sets to DC for free. This is a service from the Märklin factory, and your dealer will do it for free as well.

Here are the pictures with the wagon numbers:

31 87 354 5 504-6

31 87 354 6 150-7

31 87 354 6 513-6

I am very happy with the set, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone running a modern layout.

Happy modelling!

Build Your Own Wide Angle Crossing For The Trix C Track

The available products in the Trix C-track range is a bit behind the Märklin C-track product range. Besides the wide angle double slip switch missing in both product ranges, the Trix C-track range also misses a wide angle crossing track. Luckily, you can easily build this yourself from a Märklin C-track wide angle crossing.

First of all go and buy a Märklin wide angle crossing (Märklin #24740)

Strip the center conducter from the track. Be careful! You will have to remove the studs (pukos) from the track, by cutting the visible part away, and then carefully pull the contact strip off the track from below. It is crucial that you take your time with it, otherwise you can destroy the track bed, and you will have to start over with a new track.

The track is now free of the pukos, and already looks more like a Trix C-track.

You now have to connect the rails so power will run through the track. Connect the rails as shown on the picture.

That's it! The track is now working as intended. I have filled the holes left by the pukos with plastic putty (Acrylicos Vallejo #70.400) and painted them in a matching colour. 

Enjoy your new possibilities with the Trix C track! 

Happy modelling!

Double Header With The Märklin Mobile Station 2 and DCC

The Märklin Mobile Station 2 (MS2) does not have a double header feature built into its user interface, but that is not the same as saying that it is not possible.

Double header on NMRA DCC compatible decoders is actually just an extra locomotive address as defined by CV 19. Any locomotive with a value set into CV 19 will participate in a consist with the value being the address of the consist.

Note: The following example uses PoM (Programming on Main) it is crucial that you use the PoM feature, so you wont overwrite any settings of the other locomotives on the track.

An example:

Locomotive A and B are to be in a double header.

  1. Make sure the locomotives run in the same direction.
  2. Find locomotive A on your MS2
  3. Enter programming mode using PoM (CV19 is a PoM value)
  4. Enter CV 19 and enter the value of the address (e.g. 10)
  5. Now find locomotive B on your MS2
  6. Enter programming mode using PoM
  7. Enter CV 19 and enter the same value as you did with the first locomotive

That's it. You're done. The locomotives are now in a double header.

If you want to break up the double header, you simply enter the value of 0 into CV 19.

The trains cannot be operated individually while in a double header.

PoM or Programming on Main is a feature where you can easily program a decoder directly on the layout, without having to fear that other decoders might pick up the settings. Not all CVs on the decoder are PoM compatible, so you will have to check with your decoder user's manual to see which CVs are compatible and which are not.

Happy modelling!

NOCHs New Homepage

One of my favorite makers of scenic material, NOCH, released a new version of their homepage earlier this year. The new homepage features a mobile web design, which is great if you are on a tablet or smartphone. But it also features (or I just noticed it now) a load of videos on how to use their products. Now, I am a great fan of instructional videos, so this is a great move.

You can check it out:

Here's a couple of example videos:

The Terra-Form System

Natur+ Wiesen (fields)

You can find more videos on the NOCH homepage or the NOCH Youtube Channel.

Happy modelling

Storing Your Model Railway Tracks

I do not have a permanent layout. I build dioramas, modules and I build a lot of temporary layouts with my Trix C-track.

Whenever I do not use my track I store them in plastic containers from a Swedish company called Orthex Group. Their SmartStore boxes are very good and come in all sorts of sizes and variations.

I mainly use the SmartStore Classic 31, 32 liter box (Orthex Group #3510070) and SmartStore Classic 50, 52 liter box (Orthex Group #3542070) and I use the smaller organizer boxes (Orthex Group #3618190) with small compartments for small parts. You can buy inserts for your SmartStore boxes to keep smaller parts safe and the smaller boxes and organizers will fit inside the bigger SmartStore boxes. The system is very flexible.

I use my SmartStore boxes for

  • Tracks
  • Landscaping materials
  • Small parts
  • Paints
  • Tools

You can store whatever you want, even food. They also produce special robust storage solutions for tools.

The SmartStore 50 is very good for storing your C-track boxes.

My Mobile Stations reside on the upper level of the storage box a long with points and other tools.

I use the small organizers for plugs, electrical stuff and spareparts.


You can also buy a wall mounting system for your SmartStore boxes. I think this is really neat and it makes it even easier to reach for stuff in a box.

You can buy SmartStore boxes in almost every home supply store that have plastic containers. There are a lot of copies on the market, so beware for cheap reproductions. SmartStore comes with a 10 year warranty.

Happy modelling